A new set of summer smoothies brings flavor harmony to The Human Bean starting June 19, 2024. Three limited-time ‘Smooth Operators’ — summer-inspired real fruit smoothies — will be available at drive-thru locations throughout the U.S.

The Human Bean’s Summer Drink Fest launched in May and will keep rolling with new headliners throughout the season. As the temps turn up, this new round of ice-cold drinks keeps the day trip vibes cool.

Berrypalooza brings a festival of flavor with pineapple and coconut, swirled with strawberry for the quintessential summer escape in a smoothie!

The Twist is a VIP ticket to summertime vibes – blending a lemonade smoothie with sweet whispers of strawberry and the exotic kick of passion fruit sweetness.

Turn up the flavor with Island Remix – where mango’s mellow tones and pineapple’s bright beats collaborate for a creamy-smoothie blend that’s pure rhythm and island soul. 

“Summer is made for adventure, and these three fruit-forward smoothies are the tickets to fun that our customers are looking for,” says Janie Page, chief marketing officer of The Human Bean. “The main act of our Summer Drink Fest is ripe with refreshing flavors, and our baristas are excited to start passing them through the window.”

The next lineup of Summer Drink Fest flavors will be released mid-July. Customers are encouraged to follow The Human Bean on Instagram to enter a series of summer drink-themed giveaways all summer long. Mango Burst Boba will also remain on The Human Bean menus throughout the season due to high customer demand.

Customers arriving for the second act of summertime flavors will need to stop by their favorite drive-thru location to get theirs before July 16, 2024, or while supplies last.

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