Panchero’s Mexican Grill founder Rodney L. Anderson and his team took a long, hard look at their best-selling item: the burrito. While their creation—high-quality meats, cheeses, and vegetables wrapped in a freshly-pressed tortilla—was loved by their customers, the Panchero’s team wanted to take it to the next level. After many late nights and countless taste tests, Bob the Tool—a mixing mechanism that blends ingredients together before they are wrapped into a tortilla—was born. On April 1, Panchero’s will be celebrating Bob’s second birthday at participating local restaurants with a birthday bash and Bob-centric goodies.

“People come to Panchero’s because we have the freshest ingredients around and, thanks to Bob, they can enjoy every ingredient in each bite instead a bite with just rice or just beans like other restaurants,” Anderson says. “We knew he would make a difference in the way people eat their burritos, but the feedback we’ve received has exceeded our expectations. He may look like a small piece of plastic, but Bob has truly changed the way our customers look at burritos—they even shout ‘Bob My Burrito’ when they want their ingredients mixed.”

In honor of that enthusiasm, any time a customer says “Bob My Burrito” on April 1, he or she will receive a free soft drink with their order.

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