Jamba Juice introduced its Jamba Juice Hot Blends beverages—a new line of organic, hot, blended beverages—prepared and presented with bold flavors.

Made with the highest quality ingredients and blended hot with the customer’s choice of organic nonfat, 2 percent, or soy milk, the Hot Blends beverages come in four flavors: Original Spiced Chai Tea, Perfectly Chocolate Chai Tea, Heavenly Green Tea, and Classic Hot Chocolate. For those who prefer their tea steeped, Jamba Juice will also offer a profile of six Mighty Leaf organic whole leaf teas—allowing customers to order natural teas that pair with Jamba Juice oatmeal and newly introduced baked goods, including the Tart Cherry and Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Scones.

“Launching the new Hot Blends beverage line is definitely a breakthrough for us,” says James D. White, president and CEO of Jamba Juice Company. “We are confident that our customers will find that our new offerings provide the delicious taste and health benefits that people expect from teas, but in a way that is unique to Jamba. Building on the spin of the blender and taking it from cold smoothies to hot beverages is something that hasn’t been done before, and we are excited to offer customers innovative hot drink options for the first time.”

Made with naturally occurring antixodants, Hot Blends chai tea lattes are a good source of protein and an excellent source of calcium when you select 2 percent or nonfat organic milk. Original Spiced Chai Tea is made with flavorful chai spices, organic black tea, milk, and all-natural cane sugar. Perfectly Chocolate Chai Tea is also an organic chai tea latte but with an added dose of rich chocolate, made with organic cocoa.

In addition to the chai tea lattes, Jamba will also offer Heavenly Green Tea—an organic green tea latte made with premium, shade-grown, stone ground, matcha green tea from Japan; organic, all-natural cane sugar; and organic vanilla. A Classic Hot Chocolate is also available—made with 100 percent organic ingredients including organic cocoa, natural cane sugar, organic vanilla, and blended with choice of milk.

Jamba Juice will also offer a “Kids Hot Chocolate”—made with the same high-quality flavors and ingredients of the Classic, but served at a lower temperature.

“The tea category is one of the fastest growing beverage segments—fueled by both healthy eating and the need for convenience,” says Susan Shields, chief marketing officer of Jamba Juice Company. “We wanted to ensure that we were going to stand out in this category, offering a product that is unique to Jamba Juice both in presentation as well as taste and quality. In response, we came up with a line that has both a wide variety of flavor profiles while still maintaining our zero grams trans fat, no artificial ingredients, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup standards.”

For those that like their tea served traditionally, Jamba Juice is offering a selection of organic, artisan blended whole leaf teas from Mighty Leaf, available in hand crafted, biodegradable pouches. The assortment of six teas offers a variety of high-quality blends of fruit, herbs, spices, and blossoms for different tastes and occasions. Made with all organic, 100 percent real, all-natural ingredients, the Mighty Leaf Teas contain naturally occurring antioxidants. The teas will be available in Organic Breakfast (black), Organic Earl Grey (black), Organic Green Dragon (green), Organic Spring Jasmine (green), Organic African Nectar (herbal), and Organic Detox Infusion (herbal).

To complement the new hot beverages platform, Jamba Juice is also unveiling a new addition to the baked goods category: scones. The new Tart Cherry and Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Scones are all natural.

To celebrate the launch of the new Hot Blends beverages, Jamba Juice will host a series of Hot Tea Spin Tours across the U.S., a public attraction where the community will have the opportunity to test out a specialty “Blender Bike” that will blend the new Original Spiced Chai Tea while they pedal in place.

Jamba Juice’s new hot beverages platform will be available at 342 Jamba Juice stores including the markets of California, New York, Seattle, Minnesota, Florida, Chicago, Portland, Texas, and Hawaii.

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