Just weeks after receiving $4 million in funding from outside investors, ThisCLICKS — the mobile technology company that specializes in modern cloud labor management software — has named Jeff Imm its new president and COO. Chad Halvorson, who previously served as president and CEO of the startup, will continue as CEO.


Imm joins ThisCLICKS from Agilysys-owned TimeManagement Corporation, where he was vice president of operations, sales, and marketing. Before TimeManagement, Imm was COO for Premis Corporation, a provider of advanced point-of-sale systems including the U.S. Postal Service; and served in several positions at Lawson Software, including international marketing manager. He brings more than 20 years of practical experience in marketing and selling business applications to ThisCLICKS.


ThisCLICKS offers two simple, mobile, and smart business software products — When I Work and WageBase, targeted toward businesses with hourly employees. When I Work is a breakthrough mobile-focused platform for businesses to schedule and communicate with their workers. Using integrated technology from mobile phones, text messages, email, and social media, employers can schedule and communicate with employees on this simple, easy-to-use platform. WageBase is a mobile time and attendance app that takes employee scheduling a step further — allowing managers to finalize payroll and even receive notifications when employees don’t clock in on time.


“As soon as I heard about this game-changing software from ThisCLICKS, I was on board. ThisCLICKS products are designed for the end user first — and are easy to use because they’re mobile-focused,” says Jeff Imm, ThisCLICKS president and COO. “These are both very compelling reasons for me— our products do exactly what they say they are going to do, and aren’t over-engineered or overdeveloped, like larger corporate products can be.”


“Jeff’s domain expertise is unmatched — his knowledge of labor management and his experience helping to build out software company operational infrastructure are just the pieces ThisCLICKS needed to continue to grow intelligently and best serve our market,” says Chad Halvorson, thisCLICKS CEO. “Our market is the Fortune five million, because so many businesses need what we offer. But because it’s a large and diverse market, it can be the hardest to penetrate. Jeff comes from a world that understands the kinds of people who need and use products like ours — he’ll be instrumental to expanding our client base.”

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