Family-run and minority-owned hospitality company, Thompson Hospitality, announced its latest and sixth opening of Wiseguy Pizza in Herndon. The location at 1142 Elden St will take over the company’s former Big Buns D#*! Good Burgers space to leverage the property’s grab-and-go capabilities.

The fast-growing and award-winning pizzeria is known for their old-world, authentic pies characterized by distinct chewy, golden crust perfected in classic, stone deck ovens. Wiseguy Pizza’s ingredients originate from the finest sources: freshly-packed tomato sauce from California, all-natural cheese from Wisconsin, virgin olive oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano from Italy, to name a few. Attention to detail is at the forefront of Wiseguy’s kitchen, with sauces and dressings always made in-house and filtered water for better control over the quality of their dough.

Alongside the classics, Wiseguy Pizza has a rotating menu of specials which includes vegan, and vegetarian as well as fun flavors such as Korean Chicken and Paneer Tikka. The brand also offers cauliflower gluten-free 10-inch pies in several variations including Mushroom Truffle, Il Capo, Buffalo and Backyard Pie. Available by the slice or by whole pies in its 18 inch “Big Apple Size” (65% bigger than regular “large” 14-inch pizzas), Wiseguy Pizza is there for a quick bite to eat or to bring back and share with family, friends and colleagues for any occasion.

“We chose to transition from Big Buns to Wiseguy Pizza for several reasons. Our proximity to another Big Buns within just 5 miles led us to consider the opportunity to embrace the Herndon community even more fervently,” says Alex Berentzen, COO of Thompson Hospitality. “This strategic move aligns with our commitment to expanding our dynamic portfolio throughout the DMV region. We look forward to sharing Wiseguy’s incredible offerings with the Herndon area.”

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