This year, three Manitowoc Foodservice brands will be receiving National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Awards: Manitowoc Beverage System’s TRUfill beverage dispensing system, the Multiplex blend-in-cup smoothie maker, and the Merrychef eikon accelerated cooking oven. All winners will be showcased with live interactive demonstrations in the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion during the National Restaurant Show in May.

The TRUfill beverage dispenser from Manitowoc Beverage Systems dispenses beverages, most notably draft beer, in 84 percent less server time. It delivers the “perfect pour” via a nozzle that engages through a one-way, re-sealable valve in the bottom of the cup.

The Multiplex blend-in-cup smoothie maker produces a wide variety of smoothies and dairy-based beverages within a small footprint. All ingredients are onboard, including the ice machine, and the touch screen allows operators to manage inventory and operational procedures.

The Merrychef eikon accelerated cooking oven offers an icon-driven touch screen operation enabling instant menu management with archive capabilities, Ethernet updates, operator training, and service maintenance instructions.

“Each member of our panel of judges has the hands-on experience to recognize true innovation, which is what makes our KI program so exciting,” says Ira Cohn, convention chair for NRA Show 2010 and president of Aramark Business and Industry Group. “These products will make restaurants run faster, smoother, and more efficiently, which will result in better customer service and higher quality food. Selecting the right equipment for a restaurant kitchen is crucial to creating and serving safe, nutritious, and delicious meals.”

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