WAND Corporation’s all-digital, three-panel outdoor Digital Menu Board was featured in the New Product Pavilion at the 2010 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in February. Never before had an entirely digital, three-panel outdoor Digital Menu Board been displayed at the largest digital signage expo in the world.

Features of the three-panel outdoor Digital Menu Board include: dynamic content displayed as high-definition video, readable in sunlight glare or from bright headlights; built-in Order Confirmation Display (OCD); and a design that can withstand the toughest weather conditions.

“We recently installed the three-panel outdoor Digital Menu Board at our newest location and it has really given the building a clean, high-tech appearance,” says Jason Near, president of Pisces Foods. “Our customers love it, our employees love it, and in fact, the only people who don’t like it are our competition.”

The three 46-inch high-definition screens each have their own climate-control system to ensure maximum performance in all weather conditions. They are mounted vertically in a metal enclosure that can be color matched to any brand. The high-definition LCD units are capable of up to 2,000 NITs of brightness, making them one of the brightest outdoor offerings on the market.

Built directly into the outdoor three-panel Digital Menu Board is an available OCD. The OCD utilizes part of the screen and improves order accuracy. In addition, these high-definition digital displays attract seven to 10 times more customer viewing. Content is fluidly updated, rotated, and arranged to compliment product offerings and new promotions to drive sales. The technology can be customized to one store or spread across entire operations for a sleek, uniform look.

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