Since 1964, Tim Hortons has been offering Moms the boost they need to get it all done, but sometimes a large coffee simply doesn’t cut it. This Mother’s Day, select U.S. Tim Hortons restaurants are offering a “Mom-sized” iced coffee made with Tim Hortons Premium Blend. At 52 ounces, the Mom-sized cup from Tim Hortons holds nearly enough coffee to fill one of our famous pots. The oversized iced coffee cup is the largest size currently offered by a renowned major coffee chain in the U.S.

To show our appreciation for Moms on Mother’s Day, the Mom-sized coffee from Tim Hortons is free for Moms and offered on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last. Moms can simply visit their nearest participating Tim Hortons and when asked what size iced coffee they would like, all they have to say is “Mom-sized.” All Moms, even dog moms, are welcome to get the Mom-sized iced coffee on Mother’s Day.

Tim Hortons iced coffee is made sweet and creamy and served over ice. It’s the refreshing way to enjoy our coffee. Tim Hortons has been committed to serving a great cup of coffee since 1964. To this day, the signature flavor of our Premium Blend is created using a unique mixture of 100 percent Arabica beans sourced from some of the world’s best coffee regions, then brewed in small batches for freshness.

Tim Hortons Mom-sized iced coffee is available at select restaurants in Buffalo, Columbus, Detroit, Toledo, & New York City only on Mother’s Day. Guests can also purchase special Mother’s Day themed donuts for Mom at participating restaurants throughout the U.S.

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