Tin Drum Asian Kitchen, a fast casual concept focused on fresh, bold, Asian-inspired cuisine, introduced an eye-catching culinary delight to its 10 restaurants throughout Georgia with the unveiling of its Confetti Rice Bowl. Available now through December 3, the limited-time menu item features fresh and flavorful ingredients with a burst of color and a crunchy twist.

The Confetti Rice Bowl intensifies the signature Thai bowl, featuring a vibrant blend of seasoned white rice, layered with fresh purple cabbage, carrots, red pepper, green onion, basil and sautéed chicken topped with a sweet and savory peanut sauce sprinkled with cashews. The assortment of veggies topped with a protein-packed nut combination featured in the Confetti Rice Bowl is inspired by the widely popular peanut sauce used in cuisines all over the globe – from Asia to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

“We’ve taken our crowd-favorite rice bowl and kicked it up a notch by adding a different blend of ingredients that diversifies our already eclectic menu,” says Steven Chan, founder of Tin Drum Asian Kitchen. “The Confetti Rice Bowl embraces the flavors of Asia and beyond with its peanut sauce and cashew garnish, adding a flavorful crunch to the delectable dish. This bowl is perfect for the health nuts who are looking to expand their palate.”

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen provides the fast service and convenience of Asian street-side cafés, prepares each meal to order using fresh, simple ingredients. The menu is a dynamic mix of traditional Asian fare with bold flavors and features cuisine inspired by the cultures of China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. The restaurant’s aggressive franchise growth is backed by the entrepreneurs at the BIP Franchise Accelerator, a division of venture capital firm BIP Capital, which invested in the brand in 2010. BIP Capital has invested more than $250 million in emerging, high-growth brands across the franchising, software, and technology and consumer products industries. BIP Capital created the BIP Franchise Accelerator to leverage its leadership team’s deep franchise experience to help emerging brands accelerates their growth. In addition to Tin Drum Asian Kitchen, the BIP Franchise Accelerator’s portfolio includes Tropical Smoothie Café, which has more than 600 locations nationwide.

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