Toast on Monday announced Toast for Quick Service, a purpose-built solution for quick-service restaurants of all sizes. Quick-service restaurants that run on Toast can increase sales and tips by improving their bottom line and serving guests faster with enhanced digital tools, ordering and payment workflows and access to performance insights.

“Toast for Quick Service is purpose-built for casual, counter service restaurants based on their unique needs, helping them run more efficient and profitable businesses.”

With industry-wide challenges such as changing guest preferences, labor shortages and unpredictable supply chains, quick service restaurants need easy-to-use technology that will help them optimize their operations and quickly deliver value. With Toast for Quick Service, quick-serves can improve revenue and provide a better guest experience. Enhanced functionality from Toast’s restaurant grade hardware, Toast Mobile Order and Pay, Kiosks, and more allow quick-serves to take orders faster and more accurately, resulting in fewer comps and voids, while also increasing tips and boosting employee retention.

“Restaurants are not all one size fits all and [Toast] can adapt to any restaurant environment,” says Sara Walker, Director of People Development at Velvet Taco. “It doesn’t matter how big one of our restaurants is or how small, Toast can accommodate what our needs are for every location. Implementing [Toast] has made our overall operation a lot smoother with digital sales growing almost 80 percent and our throughput by more than 20 percent.”

“Toast has provided us with the technology we needed, back-end support we needed and it was an all-encompassing system that would work best with our restaurant,” says E’leece Miner, Co-founder & General Manager of Herb and Beet. “With so many moving parts and so many stations, solutions like the Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) are huge in the way we organize our kitchen line. On average our ticket times and throughput have now reduced to five minutes or less, making our kitchen operations seamless.”

“Quick service and fast casual restaurants have exploded in popularity and their owners are turning to cloud-based platforms to better serve customers, employees and drive growth,” adds Steve Fredette, president and co-founder of Toast. “Toast for Quick Service is purpose-built for casual, counter service restaurants based on their unique needs, helping them run more efficient and profitable businesses.”

Quick-serves like Velvet Taco and Herb & Beet exemplify how the adoption of Toast for Quick Service is helping restaurants thrive. Toast for Quick Service is a completely customizable solution designed specifically to help quick-service restaurants:

Operate with ease and flexibility: With Toast, restaurants can choose from a set of solutions to get up and running fast, with the flexibility to expand their toolkit and adapt as their business needs change. With new user interface updates, Toast for Quick Service is specifically designed for quick and easy set-up with fewer steps, and an intuitive system that all staff can learn easily, no matter their level of experience.

Serve more guests faster: Toast Mobile Order and Pay, Kiosks, the Toast TakeOut app and SMS on order fulfillment allow guests to skip the line, order and pay directly from their mobile device and be notified when food is ready with automated text messages. In addition, Toast Loyalty and Marketing give quick-serves simple solutions to engage and retain their guests.

Lower costs and increase revenue: By unifying all ordering channels within a single system with Toast Orders Hub – including in-store orders, Toast Online Ordering, and third-party delivery services – Toast simplifies day-to-day management and operations for quick-service restaurants. Toast’s new Performance Center provides restaurant operators with insights into key sales trends and provides personalized recommendations to improve revenue and profitability.

Toast for Quick Service is available for purchase today. Restaurant owners and operators can choose a solution that works best for their budget, from starter kits with no upfront costs starting at $0/month, to comprehensive plans with flexible payment options.

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