Pivot Coldbrew is thrilled to announce that its next-gen, ready-to-drink cold brew will now be available at all seventeen Tocaya Organica restaurants across Southern California. “The partnership was a no-brainer,” Pivot Coldbrew founder David Stroud says, “there is so much synergy between our two brands; we were both founded in Los Angeles, believe in healthy living, and create food and beverages with intentional ingredients and fantastic flavor. Also, I’m a Tocaya regular myself.”

Pivot Coldbrew was founded with the belief that the world needs more good energy, so they set out to reinvent coffee – the world’s most popular energy source. “Every decision we made and continue to make, from bean to brew to bottle to billboard is guided with the intention to create good energy, because we know good energy makes good things happen,” says Stroud. 

What makes a Pivot Coldbrew unique is its proprietary energy formula of nootropics and adaptogens. Nootropics are nature’s brain boosters, nutrients that promote brain functions such as memory, concentration, focus and cognitive ability. Adaptogens are nature’s stress busters, herbs that help our bodies manage stress. When combined with caffeine, the energy formula creates a good energy experience that lasts longer than your typical cup of joe and makes you feel more focused, balanced, clear, and cognitively charged. 

Tocaya Organica will carry two of Pivot Coldbrew’s coffees: Laid-Back Black and Perfectly Sweet. Laid-Back Black is a delicious, medium-roast coffee, best fit for the coffee-loving purist looking for a wonderfully balanced cold brew and even-keeled energy. Perfectly Sweet has the same foundation as Laid-Back Black, but with a touch of organic sugar cane for a subtle sweetness that creates an extra smooth and mellow finish. Customers will be able to pick up a bottle from the grab-and-go fridge or order them through an app for pickup or delivery.

Tocaya Organica is excited to welcome Pivot Coldbrew into the Tocaya family as part of their endeavor to offer delicious and healthy options to their guests while embracing the local community that already embraces them. Tocaya loves to support local entrepreneurs and emerging wellness brands in their ambitions to grow, and they love the taste and good energy of Pivot Coldbrew. 

“We are thrilled to introduce our guests to Pivot Coldbrew. We have made it a point to support brands with L.A. roots and Pivot’s positioning aligns perfectly with Tocaya’s,” says Mel Lunduyt, Sr. VP of Operations at Tocaya. “Our guests bring ‘good energy’ to our restaurants on a daily basis, so we have no doubt this adaptogenic coffee will be a big hit.”

Customers will be able to order Pivot Coldbrew at all Southern California and Arizona locations of Tocaya Organica starting on May 6. People can also find the other flavors of the cold brew across Los Angeles at beloved SoCal retailers like Erewhon, Bristol Farms, and Lazy Acres. Pivot Coldbrew is also available for purchase online.

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