Togo’s Eateries LLC, a “West Coast Original” since 1971, introduced the all-new lineup of Sandwich Wraps featuring the Bacon Chicken Ranch and Spicy Asian Pork Wraps. These fresh and meaty specials are $5 each for a limited time only. Togo’s new Sandwich Wraps join the growing trend of on-the-go meals including its salad wraps.

“Many of today’s health-conscious guests prefer to order sandwiches as wraps, so we crafted these two new Sandwich Wraps specifically for them,” says CMO Renae Scott. “Portable yet piled high with fresh, premium ingredients, Sandwich Wraps will be a hit with young guests and the on-the-go crowd looking for an affordable and filling meal.”

Togo’s Bacon Chicken Ranch Sandwich Wrap features all natural roasted chicken (preservative and antibiotic free), Applewood-smoked bacon, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato. These premium ingredients are drizzled with Buttermilk Ranch dressing and tucked in a spinach wrap.

The Vietnamese-inspired Spicy Asian Pork Sandwich Wrap combines tender pulled pork with a blend of carrots, cabbage, shredded lettuce, green onions, and crisp cucumbers in a spinach wrap. It’s spiced up with pickled jalapeño slaw and Togo’s famous Asian dressing.

Both Sandwich Wraps can be customized with Togo’s one-on-one deli-style service. Gluten-free wraps are also available. 

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