The Togo’s sandwich chain is introducing three new sandwich spreads— Honey Dijon, a mustard with just a hint of horseradish; an Herb Mayo spread with a savory blend of fresh garlic, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary; and a tangy Italian Vinaigrette highlighted with garlic, oregano, basil and Romano cheese. The sandwich chain will also introduce a new Black Forest Ham as well as a spicier, more traditional Italian Capicolla in stores June 24th.

Togo’s says its new sandwich spreads respond to two prevalent food trends in particular—customers’ desire to personalize their food and their demand for bolder, more flavorful tastes. According to Togo’s chefs, customers now expect more choices and customization so that each dish reflects their own personal preferences and their desires for more flavorful foods. And, consumers have become much more adventurous in their taste palates in the last few years, say Togo’s chefs.

“Today, Americans really want big, bold flavors,” said Jeff VanHanswyk, Togo’s Executive Chef and Director of Product Development.. “They still love traditional comfort foods, but they are more open than ever to trying flavorful new tastes, like those found in ethnic foods. Togo’s new Black Forest Ham and Italian Capicolla both respond to this trend.

“Our new Black Forest Ham is more authentic with its fuller, true German- style smoked flavor, and a tenderness that distinguishes it from boiled hams,” continued VanHanswyk. “The new Capicolla in Togo’s Italian sandwich is designed to blend perfectly with the other ingredients. It has an authentically bold flavor, with a nice touch of heat from cayenne pepper, without being too spicy.”

To market the new items, Togo’s recently launched the “Legends of Togo’s” advertising campaign, consisting of two 30-second TV spots that introduce the tag, “Togo’s. It’s a way of lunch.” The TV spots will run in Boston and in seven California markets. In addition to the new ads, Togo’s is preparing a summer promotion that will include consumer product sampling at events in California as well as a creative web-based contest.

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