Industry News | March 25, 2009

Tony Roma's Hits Your Freezer Aisle

Rupari Food Services announced today the launch of five new Tony Roma’s heat and serve products for the freezer case.

The new items include: Tony Roma’s Pulled Pork, Tony Roma’s Rib Bites, Tony Roma’s St. Louis Spareribs, Tony Roma’s Country Style Boneless Ribs, and Tony Roma’s Pot Roast.

The frozen products are designed to allow the consumer to make their own flavor choices. Items are fully cooked and ready to serve. Several of the products come with a separate sauce packet allowing customers to use Tony Roma’s signature Original Sauce or simply use their own favorite sauce.

The new products range in size from 24 to 32 ounces. The “ready to eat” products are found in the freezer section and are fully cooked, ready to heat and serve in 5 minutes or less.

Rupari Food Services is also expanding the Tony Roma’s refrigerated retail line which now includes 18-ounce tubs of Tony Roma’s Pulled Pork, Tony Roma’s Shredded Beef, and a 20-ounce tub of Tony Roma’s Rib Bites. These grab and go items found in the refrigerated case are also fully cooked and served in Tony Roma’s Original BBQ Sauce.

The Tony Roma’s Rib Bites are an appetizer portion, while the pulled pork and shredded beef tubs offer full entrée solutions. These items are being added to the current line of refrigerated Tony Roma’s Baby Back Ribs and Tony Roma’s St. Louis style Ribs which are currently available in thousands of grocery stores across the U.S.


Absolutely disgusting, nothing but lard. Not just a little, but chunks of pork fat, I tried cutting it out but it was 1 inch chunks and was impossible to separate. Wouldn't have been enough left to use anyway. I have never been more grossed out by a grocery product. This is a disgrace to your restaurants name.

April 16 2011 i wouldnt say its a disgrace bcuz i thought it was real good and when i buy it dont hve fat in it at all maybe you just got a bad box

i recently purchased this item at my local walmart store in dayton ohio thought it was really good tried to go back and get more come to find out that it was discontinue so can you plz tell me what other store here in dayton ohio can i find this good old pulled pork bbq or can i just hve it ship to me thank you........

I too have been looking for this in grocery stores. We usually buy it at WallMart and have not been able to find it recently. What other chain stores in Michigan carry this product?

i haven't been able to find it lately i also used to get it at wal-mart, i love it and so does my family,please help me find it again

store. Huge gobs of fat, some in thick strands that look like worms.Absolutely unbelievable.

You can ignore all the troll comments being posted about Tony Roma's.This is by far the best BBQ you'll find. Much better than Curly's and Lloyd's..

7-11 had tony roma burgers for a little while they were great where can you get them in macomb cty michigan

My WalMart sold Tony Roma ribs, but I just found out that they discontinued them. Please tell me where in the Surprise Arizona area who sells them? They are delicious and I would like to continue to buy them. Thank You.

Wanted location where the rib packages are sold. Thanks

I bought these for the first time; and to say I was dissapointed doesn't even come close to what these were like. The info on the back of the package says it contains 3 servings....LOL. What a joke!There were 2 "ribs" and about 3 very small pieces of meat in the package. It was enough for about 1 and a 1/2 servings (at the most). Really false advertising in my opinion. I was shocked when I opened the cooked item.BIG WASTE OF MONEY! No good recommendation from this household!!!!!!At least give the consumer a decent portion. Certainly glad that I WASN'T trying to feed 3 people.

I purchased the pot roast from Walmart and now they have stopped carrying the product. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this?

The first time I bought a package of Tony Roma's Boneless Ribs in our Sweet Hickory Sauce I was so excited about the flavor, tenderness and amount of meat in the package. I bought this package at my local Walmart about a month ago. When I went back for more - there was none. I kept looking and on Tuesday of this week I found the Boneless Ribs once again. This was the only type offered in this type package (almost square). I heated it as instructed and got the surprise of my life! There were three pieces of meat in the sauce. I should say three slabs of gristle and fat with a tiny bit of meat on each one. Then, much to my regret, the meat was tough, hard to chew, what little was there.I cannot afford to spend my money on something like this. I was expecting delicious, edible meat for my money. If I were Tony Roma, my name would be taken off this product immediately! The only thing I can say about this experience is that the sauce was good.I had intended to buy several packages to put in my freezer and I am so glad I didn't! I am so disappointed, especially after recommending this product to my friends. Now I have to go back and tell them never mind! Don't waste your money!

I purchased the Tony Roma shredded pork yesterday. I was sooo looking forward to eating a delicious sandwich. Unfortuately way too much fat and gristle could not even stomach eating half of the sandwich. Very disappointed in the product will never buy again. Sams Club sells a very good pulled pork or I will make my own in the future.

Just had the Tony Roma's Boneless Ribs and thought they were great. The only thing is that the package said there were about seven 5 oz. servings in it (package net weight is 32oz), which in my openion would feed 2 and barely 3.Found it at Costco.

I tried a pkg of the boneless ribs and had to throw almost half away because is was all fat! Did not even enjoy the part that was meat, as it was tough. Will not buy again.

Hey people, this is about the BONELESS RIBS. The pulled pork is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT product. Got it? Quit confusing everybody because you cannot read...

I had the opportunity to buy the BBQ Ribs from Sam's Club - I enjoyed them - So I went back to purchase them again... To my disappointment, they no longer carried the Tony Roma products.
I would like to know what stores in Delaware carry them...........

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