Topper’s Creamery announced a guarantee for new franchisees of Topper’s Creamery Express. In making the announcement, chairman and cofounder Wade Oney says, “We guarantee you will get 100 percent return on your investment in year one.”

Oney, a former COO for Papa John’s, says, “How many franchisors do that?”

Also the owner of more than 50 Papa John’s locations (as well as eight Qdoba locations), Oney adds that Topper’s Creamery brings the franchisee perspective to this pledge, despite actually being the franchisor.

The guarantee by Topper’s Creamery is that the operator will make at least $5,000 in profit in year one. There is a $5,000 franchise fee in their first year, thus a 100 percent return on investment.

The guarantee essentially indicates that there is no risk to add a Topper’s Creamery Express. The announcement also provides continued momentum for the trail that Topper’s Creamery is blazing: adding Topper’s Creamery Express units in multiple retail options including large resorts/hotels, shopping malls, large retail centers, large office/business centers, college campuses, theme parks, turnpikes, stadiums, and other high foot traffic venues.

“It is a new day,” says Topper’s Creamery president and CEO Greg Sausaman. He quotes Henry Ford, “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘faster horses’.”

Sausaman adds, “We have engineered adding a Topper’s Creamery Express in as small as four linear feet. Topper’s Creamery Express is a paradigm shift. We made adding the ‘Best Soft Serve Ice Cream on the Planet’ simple and lucrative for the operator. And we back it up with our guarantee.”

With its own proprietary recipe for its brand of soft serve ice cream, Topper’s Creamery currently has freestanding locations as well as nontraditional locations in hotels and colleges spanning central Florida from coast to coast.  

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