Industry News | June 15, 2011

Tossed Sails Into Windy City

Tossed, home of garden fresh salads, crepe wraps, and sandwiches, announced the signing of a franchise agreement with a Chicago ownership team, bringing the chain's healthy cuisine to America's heartland. Tossed's new franchisees anticipate opening three locations in downtown Chicago.

"Tossed is more than just a restaurant. It's a concept that can help structure a healthy and sustainable lifestyle," says Nathan Sopha, partner and manager of Tossed's new Chicago franchise group. "The importance of a fresh and healthy diet has been gaining serious momentum within our society. Today's consumers are much more conscious about what they consume, and are looking for healthy alternatives to the mainstream fast food industry—which is what we will provide by opening Tossed in Chicago."

Founded in 1998, Tossed is known for its distinctive menu and modern, fast-casual ambience. The restaurant's cuisine appeals to those who appreciate lighter, wholesome fare. Among its well-known items are gourmet salads with more than 50 choices of toss-ins, along with signature dressings, wraps made with homemade, fat-free, whole wheat crepes, sandwiches served on artisan bread, and a gluten-free menu. Tossed promotes an "Eat Smart, Think Fresh" philosophy.

Tossed's new Chicago agreement further expands the chain's strong expansion surge that began late last year. Tossed has announced franchise agreements for new locations in Vancouver, British Columbia; Los Angeles; Orange County, California; Washington DC; and new locations in Boston.

"Chicago is one of America's great restaurant cities and an ideal market for Tossed," says Eric Schmitt, CEO of Tossed. "Chicagoans embrace great dining concepts—but more than that, they have a real affinity for wholesome, natural food and exceptional service. Tossed provides all these things, which is why we feel we will do very well in Chicago, a place that is so influential to Midwestern cuisine."

Sopha and partner Daniel Griffin, both experienced healthcare professionals, spent the last several years researching various franchise opportunities before beginning discussions with Tossed. They believe their first Tossed restaurant will fill a market need that is growing fast.

"Deciding what to grab for lunch should not be a hassle or inconvenience. If I asked you where to find a fresh, build-your-own salad with extremely fast service here in the Loop that won't drain your wallet, you'd be hard pressed to find one," Sopha says. "So we are going to change that. The health food movement in our country is getting bigger and stronger every year, and we are happy to help make Tossed and our great city of Chicago a part of it."


Why didn't they go with's so much better, they didn't do enough research.

You're exactly right. They apprently did no due diligence, only spoke with Tossed Franchise Corporation and the broker of TFC, Fransmart. They never spoke with the two remaining franchisees not owned by corporation officers. They never spoke with any of the 10+ former franchisees who went bankrupt in the Tossed system. I wish them the best of luck, but they surely will get what they deserve. Anyone who deals with or believes the jokers running the Tossed system, is easily fooled. This is a company of smoke and mirrors, with no proven record of making $$$$. In fact the franchisor is losing millions every year!!!

I was one of the victims. From the day I opened, I had zero help or communication from Tossed Franchise Corporation. I should have sued when I had the chance, before they bribed me into cancelling my regonal development agreement and not suing them (dumb move on my part). It seems to me they are following the same exact scenario that they did in 2006, 2007 when they signed up a number of franchisees, left them to fend for themselves and then let them close. We'll see what transpires this time around. I am amazed, though, that the people they are signing up are not doing any due diligence. I guess Fransmart is very convincing even though they have never visited a franchise restaurant either. (Tossed claims Boston is a franchise even though it is owned by their owner and his brother). Another one of their half truths. Good luck to all. They will need it!!!!!!!!!

They have sold numerous multi unit locations in the past and I believe only one actually developed more than one location and now both of those are closed!!! Their scam is to sell locations, collect the money, provide NO support, let the locations close and then resell them. Great idea as long as it works!!!

Did new franchisee group thoroughly research concept? The Salad Creations franchise (which is very similar) already tried the Chicago market. They had three locations and all have gone out of business. The Tossed franchise had multiple locations (I personally know of two in South Florida) that lasted less than a year. Tossed also has closed restaurants in Franklin, TN, Scottsdale, AZ, Houston, TX to name a few. It appears this franchise is trying to market a concept that is not proven.

Should be interesting. Tossed has 3 new locations opening in the next 3 months in very high profile locations and 2 more in beginning of next year. I would think they would have made some changes because the sites they are getting, you do not get unless you have a solid model in place (at least what addresses they have on the website). I think Tossed will explode in Chicago. I wish these guys the best of luck!!

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