Tossed restaurants are mixing things up in May with their annual salad contest.

In celebration of National Salad Month, Tossed is inviting customers nationwide to put on their chef’s caps and concoct the salad of their dreams. Throughout the month of May, customers are encouraged to submit their original, unpublished recipe for a chance to truly test their culinary prowess and ingenuity against other salad enthusiasts across the country.

“Our customers are always coming up with unique salad ideas, and we’d like to give them an opportunity to display their creativity on a larger scale,” says Eric Clark, Tossed’s chief operating officer. “Judging by the feedback and level of excitement we received last year, we expect the competition will be both fierce and fresh.”

Those interested in entering the contest can combine up their choice of lettuce options, up to nine Toss-Ins and one Tossed dressing. To submit a creation, fill out the Salad Ballot at Tossed, suggest a name for the salad and enter it at the nearest Tossed location or visit and click on the “Salad Contest” link.
The winning salads will be determined by a panel of Tossed executives who will evaluate each entry on overall flavor, creativity, and visual appeal. The national grand prize winner will be notified by June 15 and awarded with a $100 gift card, a gift basket, and the honor of having their winning salad sold at Tossed restaurants nationwide during the month of July. Additionally, each Tossed location will pick one local winner and 10 runners-up. The local winners will receive 10 free salads and have their winning creation featured at the local Tossed restaurant for a month. Tossed will also showcase the salads of the runners-up for a month at their local Tossed restaurant.

Founded in 1998 in New York City, Tossed is an upscale, fast-casual restaurant that focuses primarily on green-leaf salads tossed to order in front of customers who choose from a selection of chef-inspired specialty salads or design their own from a diverse menu of high-end ingredients. The menu also features sandwiches, melts, crepes, soups, smoothies, and desserts. Growth will come exclusively through franchising, and the company is actively seeking regional developers. For more information, visit or call 866-314-TOSS (8677).