Tossed, a fast-casual dining chain that specializes in made-to-order salads, recently underwent a redesign and rebranding to modernize its logo and the stores’ interior design.

“Our theme is more healthy food, large portions, a reasonable price, and a great environment,” says Tossed’s chief operations officer Eric Clark. “That’s what we want to take out to people. We want to make an impact on people’s lives, as well as run a great business. We think with the changes we made, we can really increase our number of stores and our growth.”

The most significant of those changes include a new contemporary, California-style interior and a sharper, fresher form of Tossed’s original logo.

“Being an East Coast–based company, it’s such a fresh look to our interior after all the years of what our designs had been,” Clark says. “We didn’t want to change our logo, but we freshened it up a little bit. If you’re going to do a redesign of an interior, you might as well do the rebrand and everything together because it shows a crisp, clean updated look.”

The growing salad concept is also working to bring its homemade salad dressings to national grocery chains. Tossed’s top two–selling dressings, a house balsamic vinaigrette and a wine vinaigrette, are set to line the shelves of the Gristedes grocery chain in Manhattan within the upcoming weeks. Clark says the company’s mindset is not just about being a business and making money, but it’s also about being part of the greater neighborhood. For this reason, Clark hopes that the dressings’ labels will provide both grocery store chains and shoppers with a purchasing incentive.

“We taking a percentage of every single bottle of dressing that’s sold, and we’re going to keep donating to Susan G. Komen foundation for the cure,” Clark says. Tossed donates to the foundation regularly. “By the end of the year we’d like to see our dressings out nationally, and hopefully we spark some interesting from people out there when they see what our company’s about.”

After a rough few years for business because of the difficult economy, Clark says Tossed is looking to expand its franchise.

“We believe we are set, ready, and poised after a difficult couple of years to not only partner up with some good franchisees, but to open some company stores to start the growth point back again. We’re really looking forward to a new resurgence of the economy as we can see, and looking forward to growing and making a bigger impact in not only the hospitality and food industry, but in helping with the healthy lifestyle.”

By Jill Watral

Design, Menu Innovations, News