Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) released a new resource titled “Alaska Seafood Sustainability In Plain English” to help navigate the waters of sustainability.

With the seafood sustainability trend sweeping the world, it’s important for foodservice operators to provide consumers with transparent information about the seafood they source.

As consumers have been inundated with eco-labels and color-coded “eat-this-not-that” seafood sustainability messages, “Sustainability In Plain English” offers a holistic perspective that looks at what constitutes sustainable seafood in Alaska.

“Sustainability In Plain English” simplifies the technical aspects that make Alaska’s fisheries a model for the world. Sections that discuss such aspects include “Responsibility and Commitment,” “Governance and Management,” and “Enforcement.” In addition, this resource aims to share the story and the history behind the long-standing tradition of sustainability in Alaska.

To help illustrate the fishing lifestyle known by many Alaskans, ASMI collaborated with famed Alaska artist Rie Muñoz. Known for her whimsical depictions of everyday life in Alaska, Muñoz illustrated the 25-page booklet with colorful, original artwork.

This resource is available for free by visiting the Alaska seafood Web site.

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