Trans-Lux Corporation (TNLX), a world leader in LED digital displays and LED lighting technologies, is captivating attendees at the ISA International Sign Expo with innovative new product introductions that set new benchmarks in LED display performance and efficiency. Featured on the show floor are Trans-Lux’s new TL Vision LED Cabinet Systems that virtually eliminate common alignment issues, expedite display set-up time, and reduce overall costs; the world’s first and only 1.5mm pitch LED display that rivals HD flat screen image quality; and the epic Series LED System Software Suite that makes LED display set-up, control, and content management easier and more efficient.

“Trans-Lux continues to take the lead in introducing new LED display technologies that deliver better viewer engagement, improve efficiency, and provide greater value,” says J.M. Allain, president and chief executive officer, Trans-Lux. “Our new TL Vision LED Cabinet Systems solve many of the longstanding alignment and installation issues integrators experience with LED displays, and open up new avenues for revenue generation in the rental and mobile display markets. And when you add the ability to deliver the unrivaled resolution of 1.5mm LED along with our new epic Series LED System Software Suite, Trans-Lux TL Vision LED display solutions truly set a new benchmark in performance and cost-efficiency.”
The new Trans-Lux TL Vision LED Cabinet Systems feature an innovative locking design to provide fast, easy, and accurate installation. The unique LED cabinets are designed with a precision machined interlocking mechanism that ensures virtually perfect alignment of the modules when configuring large screen LED displays. The aluminum die cast cabinets can house any size LED pitch from 1.5mm to 25mm, and are ideal for both fixed and portable indoor or outdoor displays. The new cabinets are slated to be implemented on all new LED display systems available from Trans-Lux.
Joining Trans-Lux’s comprehensive line-up of TL Vision branded LED display systems is the world’s first and only 1.5mm pitch LED solution. The new TL Vision 1.5mm LED Display delivers exceptionally bright, HD-quality images with breathtaking color reproduction and clarity. The groundbreaking 1.5mm LED video display is ideal for high resolution applications with image quality that rivals HD flat screen displays – along with the ability to be customized to meet the most demanding installations.
Also joining Trans-Lux’s continually expanding line of TL Vision LED display solutions is the new epic Series LED System Software Suite which is comprised of four modules that can be used stand-alone or as an integrated software solution.
•epic.control allows you to set-up all parameters for the display, including capture area, color selection, brightness, and size of display. It also allows users to interface a digital SLR camera to adjust the uniformity of the color and brightness of the display.
• connects a network of displays and controls what content and play lists are sent to each display. 
• connects to a single display and is used to generate play lists, schedules, and import content created by other software applications. This software also programs the presentation modes of the content and enables simple text edits directly onto content.
•epic.driver is comprised of PC software and a hardware module that is installed inside the display. The PC software uploads content and play list schedules to the board after which the PC can be disconnected from the display. The installed display module drives the uploaded programming.
“These exciting new additions to Trans-Lux’s portfolio of TL Vision LED display solutions further expand the versatility and performance parameters for a wide variety of LED display applications,” continues Mr. Allain. “Trans-Lux will continue to develop and introduce innovations in LED display technology that allow users to better engage audiences and create new revenue streams. This is the new Trans-Lux.”
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