Starting this week, consumers can now find Tree Top Fruit+Water pouches for kids in select grocery stores.

The refreshing and hydrating Fruit+Water pouches are an exciting new addition to the single-serve low- sugar beverage category, brought to you exclusively by Tree Top, Inc. Made with 50 percent juice, Tree Top Fruit+Water pouches contain more juice than many other drinks in the same category. These “juiced-up water” pouches pack an ingredient list as simple as the name implies, crafted with fruit juice concentrates and water, with natural flavors and Vitamin C. They deliver a real fruit taste kids will enjoy, with 50% less sugar than average 100% juices, no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial colors or flavoring. Nothing artificial.

“Knowing we’re owned by fruit growers, parents trust Tree Top and our quality fruit-based products,” says Brooke Goodrich, Senior Product Manager at Tree Top. “Tree Top Fruit+Water pouches can give parents peace of mind for healthy hydration on the go without the sugar overload. Kids will love the natural fruit sweetness, not to mention the playful package designs!”

Consumers can now find Tree Top Fruit+Water pouches in select WinCo Foods and Albertsons stores. They are offered in four flavors and sold in single-flavor 8-count cartons.