Industry News | May 16, 2002

Tricon May Be Looking for an Outside Co-branding Partner for Pizza Hut

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Milwaukee, MN—May 16, 2002—According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. may be looking to either purchase or ally with an existing quick-service sandwich or pasta concept to create a co-branding opportunity with the company's Pizza Hut brand.

The company, which also owns A&W, KFC, Long John Silver's, and Taco Bell, is known as one of the industry leaders in the co-branding field. Its first multibrand unit, a KFC and A&W store, in Louisville, Kentucky, opened two years ago. Since then, the company has repeatedly merged its portfolio of restaurants into hybrid units.

``There's nothing else like it where there are two well-known brands under one roof,'' the Sentinel reported Tricon senior executive Chuck Rawley, as saying. Rawley is credited for originating the idea of combining the company's brands.

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