In today’s world of fast casual restaurants, Cafe Express continues to set the example for menu items that are healthy and trans-fat free. Over the course of the last three years, Cafe Express has used trans-fat free oil to prepare the few items on their menu that are fried and will continue to do so. By proactively choosing non-hydrogenated oils in food preparation, Cafe Express continues to reign as a leader in the war on trans-fats.

Recently the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has begun to provide information to the pubic regarding the negative effects of trans-fatty acids. Trans-fats develop in foods when manufacturers use hydrogenation, a process in which hydrogen is added to vegetable oil in order to turn the oil into a more solid fat, therefore increasing the products shelf life. Trans-fat is often but not always found in the same foods as saturated fat, as well as margarines, fried foods, baked goods, and other processed foods.

A recent study by the FDA proves that there is a direct relationship between diets high in trans-fat and high cholesterol levels, therefore increasing the risk of coronary heart disease – a leading cause of death in the US.

Cafe Express has always shown that it not only cares about the freshness and flavor of its food, but also about the health of its customers by being proactive rather than reactive toward the negative effects of trans-fats. Cafe Express carefully designed menu items that leave the customer feeling good about the food they have eaten. Recently, Cafe Express introduced a new menu item, Sweet Potato Fries that are trans fat free and prepared with non-hydrogenated oil.

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