Industry News | January 31, 2014

Tropical Smoothie Handpicks DTT Solution

DTT announced a partnership with a large multi-unit Tropical Smoothie Café franchise. Installation throughout the enterprise has begun and includes a comprehensive surveillance solution with premium loss prevention and managed services.


Owner, Russell Rissman, recently purchased several Tropical Smoothie locations in the states of Florida and Alabama. Previously, Rissman was a SUBWAY restaurant franchisee and a DTT customer. “I have been a DTT customer for many years and could not be happier with the product. DTT’s customer service has been incredibly helpful and reliable for the past three years. I did not hesitate about implementing the systems at my new restaurant concept right away. The wide-ranging services and cutting-edge technology DTT offers is extremely beneficial to my operation. I especially take advantage of the remote access to view my locations from anywhere, at any time. I also decided to include the SmartAudit service in my package and very much look forward to the results,” Rissman says.


EVP of sales and marketing, Tom Moran, says, “Russell is a great example of one of our many loyal DTT customers. We were thrilled to hear about his purchase of the Tropical Smoothie Café locations and look forward to delivering the right LP solution that is designed specifically for this brand. As a rapidly expanding national brand, Tropical Smoothie maintains a keen focus on customer care. DTT will play a critical role in helping to ensure that only the highest levels of service are provided to guests on a daily basis.”

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