Troy Guard, leader of Denver-based TAG Restaurant Group (TRG), announced the opening of the third location of fast-casual Bubu in the lobby of the beautiful Granite Tower in downtown Denver at 1099 18th Street. Bubu will open at 11 AM on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

Bubu, Better Bowls by Troy Guard, is a fresh spin on build-your-own bowls. Inspired by Guard’s upbringing in Hawaii and time spent in San Diego, Bubu’s globally-infused concept brings guests better ingredients for a better lunch. Bubu offers premium protein selections like sushi-grade tuna or salmon, tiger shrimp, organic tofu or grilled chicken or steak; atop a bed of white or brown rice, fresh local greens, or rice noodles. Guests can finish their bowls with a choice of locally-sourced, seasonal vegetables.

For those needing a little inspiration, Guard has created several signature bowls with flavor profiles spanning the globe. The Aloha Poke bowl features a choice of protein, bubu (the crispy puffed rice pellets that add crunch and texture which inspired the restaurant’s name), French green beans, hearts of palm, soy beans, wakame seaweed, kimchi, and a house-made soy onion dressing. The Thai bowl starts with a chili jicama slaw, cucumber, crispy shallots, crispy wontons, fresh Asian herbs, peanuts, and a Thai dressing. For those keeping flavors close to home, the OG Colorado is an excellent choice featuring roasted carrots, quinoa, green chili, avocado, pumpkin seeds, and a house dressing.

The newest Bubu is located in the lobby of the landmark Granite Tower building in Denver’s central business district. Surrounded by two-stories of glass, the space offers a light, open, and beautiful space from which to enjoy lunch. Guests also have the option to enjoy their lunch on the spectacular building deck.

Says Guard of this location, “We were looking for another location for Bubu, this time at street level. I’ve always liked the area and the growth that’s been happening in the surrounding neighborhood over the last several years is really exciting. When we first met with the Granite Tower developers, it really felt like they ‘got’ what we were trying to do with the brand. We’re really excited to continue the growth of this brand—and look out for some new bowls this summer.”

Bubu Granite Tower will be open Monday through Friday, from 11 AM – 4 PM.

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