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    Tupperware Targets Foodservice

  • Industry News May 17, 2003

    For years foodservice operators were forced to satisfy their Tupperware jones by attending the same hosted, home parties as the rest of us. No more.

    Through a two-year old distribution deal with foodservice giant, Hobart, Tupperware U.S., Inc. is now offering its atmosphere-controlled, modular storage systems directly to independent restaurant operators through its new commercial sales division.

    "We?re after the folks who are looking to save every dollar," says Maggie Brent of Tupperware while giving QSR a tour of her booth?s offerings.

    According to Brent?s stats, Americans throw away billions of pounds of produce each year because of improper storage. Tupperware?s patented solution to that problem includes a refrigerator crisper system featuring a built-in grid system that keeps veggies out of their own juices. A dry-and-wet system is also available.

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