California-based Creamistry, which specializes in made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream using all-natural and organic ingredients with more than 60 flavors and toppings, announced the opening of a new location in Cupertino, California.

Slated to open August 4 at 10815 N Wolfe Rd., the new store will be owned and operated by friends Han Choi and Don Kim.

“We’re excited to bring Creamistry to Cupertino,” Kim says. “The concept is in high demand and we’re thrilled with the way the community has embraced other locations. Creamistry’s premium-quality product allows for fully customizable combinations, and we feel confident that the community will fall in love with our delicious ice cream as well.”

Before becoming proud owners of Creamistry of Cupertino, Choi and Kim both bring prior experience in tech and business management and are now excited to introduce the brand and its delicious menu offerings to the community. “Don introduced me to Creamistry and when he asked me to become his business partner I couldn’t pass up becoming involved in with this creative and delicious concept,” Choi says.

Creamistry was founded in 2013 after founder Jay Yim was first introduced to liquid nitrogen ice cream when he spotted a street vendor making it during a trip to South Korea in 2003. Born into a family of Korean bakers, Yim and his wife, Katie, made their first homemade ice cream using liquid nitrogen with the help of his father as the quality control “chemist.” Over the next two years, the team experimented with over a hundred flavors and combinations, the best of which eventually became an integral part of Creamistry’s menu today.

 “As we continue to expand our presence throughout California and nationally, we are thrilled to be working with new franchise partners Han and Don who are deeply passionate about the brand and are enthusiastic about our handcrafted, premium product,” Yim adds. “We couldn’t be more excited to expand into Cupertino and know the local community will love it too.”

Here’s how Creamistry works: Customers choose a portion size, then an ice cream base (premium, organic, vegan coconut, or non-dairy sorbet), one of 30-plus flavors, and then toppings from a list of 35-plus options that include candy, cookies and cereal, fruits, and sauces. The ice cream is made right before the customer with a lot of billowing smoke thanks to the flash-freezing process. When the liquid nitrogen (-321° F) hits the base it freezes so fast that ice crystals don’t have a chance to develop, resulting in a decadently rich and luxuriously creamy ice cream with virtually no overrun.

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