As Freddy’s concludes this year of high growth and wide-ranging industry acknowledgements, it announced the opening of two new locations in Arizona. The all-new free-standing location at 3476 W. Frye Road in Chandler, Arizona, opened its doors to an excited public and the first of what will be several locations in the Tucson area opened for business at 3725 W. Orange Grove Road.

“We are excited about 2012,” says COO Scott Redler. “This year we signed several multiunit development agreements with experienced players in the restaurant franchise business. We will grow exponentially next year, entering many new markets and several new states”

Freddy’s careful consideration of location demographics and franchise partners has contributed to the success of the concept. “We don’t want to grow fast,” Redler says. “We want to grow the right way, with smart people making informed decisions to the benefit or our guests. This has been key to our expansion to-date and we will maintain this core value going forward.”

Freddy’s is committed to high-quality food items valued by guests. The steakburger patties are 85 percent lean with only U.S.-raised beef. Every item is cooked-to-order and the custard is made fresh throughout the day in each restaurant. “Hot and fresh meals that families can afford makes Freddy’s a popular destination. I am proud to be a part of it all,” says Tucson operator Brad Williams.

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