Industry News | May 5, 2011

Tzatziki, Lemonade Highlight New Garbanzo Items

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, a Denver-based fast-casual restaurant concept featuring Mediterranean cuisine, announced the roll out of three new menu items: tzatziki sauce, pomegranate lemonade, and mint lemonade.

The tzatziki sauce, made from scratch with yogurt, sour cream, cucumbers, lemon, garlic, and other spices, is now a part of Garbanzo’s regular sauce lineup and can top any of its four main dishes—pita, plate, laffa, or Garbanzo Greens salad. Made with real lemons and no artificial flavors, the specialty lemonades can be found in Garbanzo’s bulk to-go cooler.

“Both the tzatziki sauce and lemonades are refreshing additions to the menu that are just in time for spring,” says Alon Mor, Garbanzo founder. “Our guests have been asking for tzatziki sauce since we opened our first restaurant. We heard their pleas and have been very eager to share it with them since developing the recipe.

“We also wanted to give our guests new specialty drinks that were unique and different from typical non-fountain beverages. And we really believe we delivered. In all of our testing, guests went crazy over the lemonades. The mint and pomegranate compliment Garbanzo’s flavors and add a distinctively summer feel to lunch or dinner.”


I highly recommend everyone in the Denver area to grab a lunch or dinner at a Garbanzo if you haven't already. They've been around for a few years and have found their niche! Great tastes, quality and service at a great price. Meals are put together as you proceed past their array of mediterranean staples. We love it! Watch this chain grow!

You can eat in Denver for two years without eating at the same place twice. Tons of really good places to eat. My favorite pasta place was The Saucy Noodle on University, I am sure it is still putting out great food. Lots of good greek places also around. Another good place to eat, if still there is Mountain Man Steak House. Of course not much need to drive up that way anymore since the greyhound park is closed...

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