U-Swirl, Inc., parent to U-SWIRL International, the owner and franchisor of U-SWIRL Frozen Yogurt cafes, announced that it has signed another area development agreement for Houston.  

The U-Swirl area developer in North East Houston has signed up to develop a total of five stores over the next 36 months.  

This puts the total number of stores to be developed at 15 in the Houston metropolitan area.

"It is very exciting to continue to develop U-Swirl in Houston,” says chief operating officer Terry Cartwright. “We have one store open, another expected to open in a few weeks, and now with the addition of the latest area developer, there is yet another lease expected to be signed in a few days.

“We currently have five U-Swirl's under construction, as well as three Yogurtini's, and we hope to add to that in the near future,” he continues. “There are tremendous opportunities for growth and we look forward to exploring all avenues."  

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Desserts, Growth, News, U-SWIRL