Acknowledging Dr. Tim Ryan's leadership and commitment to the food and restaurant industry, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) is honoring the president of The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) with its 2013 Innovation Award. Dr. Ryan will receive the award at the UCLA Extension Restaurant Industry Conference on the university's campus on Wednesday, April 3.

"Recognition by such an outstanding institution as UCLA testifies to the excellence of our college's educational programs and industry conferences," Dr. Ryan says. "We are proud of our continuing innovations, including new majors and concentrations that will further prepare CIA students to shape the future of cooking and the foodservice industry."
The award recognizes highly influential leaders who have greatly contributed to the evolving landscape of the food, beverage, and restaurant industry. Previous award winners have included Jose Andres, Wolfgang Puck, and the Hillstone Restaurant Group.
"Dr. Ryan has earned this honor through his many commitments to the industry and its future, and UCLA Extension is thrilled to name him as the recipient of the 2013 Innovation Award," says Van Anderson, program director at UCLA Extension.
In selecting Dr. Ryan as this year's award winner, UCLA Extension hailed his:
-Commitment to the chef as a professional on par with advanced degree professionals the world over
-Commitment to creating an inclusive industry, made up of thought leaders and restaurateurs of all stripes
-Commitment to culinary technique coupled with a focus on the consumer and guest, regardless of outlet
-Leadership of a not-for-profit college that has evolved from one simply teaching students how to cook to one that offers them the skills to be successful in an ever more complex industry
-Commitment to expanding the consciousness of an industry to include business development, health, wellness, and food research and development
UCLA Extension is the continuing education division of the university. It is the largest professional continuing education institution offering over 6,500 courses and corporate education with annual enrollments of 90,000. Its annual Restaurant Industry Conference, now in its 17th year, brings together more than 350 executives from restaurant operating companies, investment firms, and professional advisors.
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