For more than 50 years, Uncle Ben's has made perfect stuffing. Now the ultimate holiday comfort dish comes in two convenient and easy-to-prepare varieties—Traditional White Bread and Classic Cornbread. 

Uncle Ben's Stuffing Mixes combine an ideal blend of seasonings, breadcrumbs, grains, and veggies into the savory flavors and textures patrons love.

With the steam prep option, it has never been easier to menu mouthwatering stuffing-based dishes, such as Miniature Roast Turkey Dinner Sliders and New England Holiday Cornbread Stuffing. 

Because Uncle Ben's Stuffing Mixes provide moist, fluffy results time after time, the options for creative comfort foods are limitless. 

From October 1 – December 31, 2012, operators can receive an $8-per-case rebate on Uncle Ben's Stuffing Mixes, up to a $500 maximum.

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