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    Uncle Maddio's Rolls Out Gluten-Free Kids' Pizza

  • Industry News August 3, 2012

    Pizza brings people together, and with this week’s launch of the gluten-free kid’s size pizza at Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint, more families have the option to dine together and enjoy one of America’s favorite meals.

    The fastest-growing fast-casual pizza restaurant is the only restaurant in the nation to offer gluten-free kid’s meal pizzas in addition to its standard 9-inch pie. This is in addition to more than 25 gluten-free toppings.

    For people with gluten allergies, including celiac disease, eating food containing gluten (a protein composite found in foods with wheat and related grains) can cause varying degrees of illness and internal bodily damage, as well as significantly increase their susceptibility to gastrointestinal cancer.

    For families with one or more members who have food allergies, finding suitable dining options is difficult.

    Jessica Stewart, a Louisville-area mom and blogger at “Allergic to Air,” has a son with several food allergies, including wheat. "I can't tell you how excited I was to learn about Uncle Maddio's,” Stewart says. “Going out for pizza as a family was always such a hassle because we had to bring our own food. Now we can all eat pizza together and feel safe knowing that he is getting a great pizza that’s gluten- and allergen-free. It makes my mama heart happy to know that we have Uncle Maddio's to add to our list of favorites!”

    Uncle Maddio’s takes special precautions to ensure that its crust is safer for people with gluten allergies. In order to prevent cross-contamination, pizza makers at Uncle Maddio’s take special steps when preparing and serving gluten-free pizza, including: putting on new gloves; using separate pans and utensils; and pulling toppings from fresh bins (when asked).

    The Uncle Maddio’s restaurant design allows customers to watch their pizza being prepared directly in front of them. The transparent food-prep process allows customers with food allergies to ensure their order is accurate and safe.

    “Uncle Maddio’s is all about giving people choices,” says Founder and Chief Pizza Maker Matt Andrew. “That means giving everyone a chance to eat pizza that not only tastes great, but is safe for them to eat.”

    Anne Steib, blogger at “Gluten-Free Musings”and a mother who has celiac disease, recently visited an Atlanta-area Uncle Maddio’s."With their gluten-free options, I’m finally able to go out and eat pizza with my family,” she says. “Uncle Maddio’s gluten-free crust is thin, crispy, and delicious. Plus, their toppings are fresh and most of them are gluten-free too!"

    The Uncle Maddio’s gluten-free dough is made from a combination of rice, tapioca, and potato flours and is available in a 9-inch pizza and as a 6-inch pizza in a combo and kid’s meals.