Panasonic is collaborating with The Culinary Institute of America to enhance culinary support for its line of consumer microwave ovens. As part of this collaboration, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) will develop no-fuss gourmet recipes for cooking with Panasonic microwaves, as well as create key microwave cooking technique videos that will be hosted on Panasonic’s microwave “Virtual Test Kitchen” Web site.

Developed with an eye toward keeping the American consumer fueled with healthy and delicious meals that are easy and quick to prepare, these recipes will feature economical and readily available ingredients with broad appeal. As well as providing complete recipes for preparation in a Panasonic microwave, the CIA team, headed by Certified Master Chefs, will also develop cooking tips based on their experience cooking while using Panasonic’s cooking technology.

“The CIA, as a leader in culinary research and development, was a natural choice when Panasonic looked to show the world the endless possibilities of microwave cooking,” says Dan Silver, group head, Home Appliance Group, Panasonic. “We conducted a survey that showed only a third of people use their microwaves for cooking beyond reheating. We want to change that, to show people that microwave cooking can be easy, fun, fast and healthy.”

Panasonic’s microwave ovens feature Inverter technology, a capability that allows for more even cooking. Unlike traditional microwave ovens, Inverter allows for an always-on, constant energy flow at variable intensities. Other ovens try to create lower energy levels by using the same maximum power all the time, but repeatedly turning it on and off. Panasonic’s consistent and precise heat means more control over cooking, reheating and defrosting with more even results and no overcooked edges.

“We are excited to collaborate with Panasonic and conduct research and development using their microwaves,” says Ron DeSantis, Certified Master Chef and Project Director of CIA Consulting. “This is a great opportunity to show the American consumer that microwave cooking is about so much more than just reheating and making popcorn–microwave cooking is about ease of preparation and healthy, delicious eating.”