UNO Restaurant Holdings Corporation announces the opening of two franchised Uno Dué Go units by the Compass Group. The two units are located in the new state-of-the-art student center at Cleveland State University and at the ‘Down Under’ in the University Center at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

Uno Dué Go is a fast-casual restaurant concept that first debuted in terminals C and E at the Dallas Forth-Worth airport and has now expanded onto college campuses. The Uno Dué Go menu features UNO’s signature deep-dish or hand-tossed, all-natural, thin-crust pizzas. In addition, it has created a variety of freshly-made panini sandwiches, wraps made with a flax seed, whole wheat and oat bran lavash, fresh salads under 400 calories before the dressing, appetizers, and an all-natural freshly-baked cookie, all developed with the dual focus of great taste and nutrition.

“We intend to set ourselves apart from other concepts by being the best ‘fast-casual pizza’ restaurant in the segment,” says Jamie Strobino, who heads up new concepts for UNO. “Further, our goal at Uno Dué Go is to feed the spirit as well as the body, by offering good food and fabulous taste, focusing on ingredients that bespeak an artisan approach to cooking and are healthier than most alternatives.”

“UNO is a name that is quickly recognized by consumers who equate it with delicious, hand-crafted, high-quality food, with a strong focus on everyday value,” says Rick Hendrie, UNO’s head of marketing. “With that as our foundation, Uno Dué Go is different from others in the fast-casual category. It’s not just the pizza, which is our heritage, but also the introduction of innovations like our Slider Bar, with five different plump, little sandwich varieties, including our signature Burger Slider and three vegetarian choices. We’re committed to bring UNO to consumers in every way that meets their needs. Be it full service, in non-traditional venues like colleges or airports, in channels that require quick service, or in the frozen food section of major supermarkets, UNO will be where the guest wants it, when they want it, in the way they want it.”

“UW-Whitewater (~12,000 students) has been very pleased with the new Uno Dué Go concept we added,” says Bob Barry, executive director of the James R Conner University Center at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. “UNO was great to work with in retrofitting a pre-existing restaurant layout. They were helpful in making design adjustments to accommodate the new concept and adjusting the menu for our target market. Students love the menu because the food is fresh, delicious, and unique to what they get elsewhere on our campus or within our small community. Again, we’re happy to be in partnership with UNO.”

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