McDonald’s recently completed a massive renovation of its flagship Times Square restaurant—and the result has brand-wide importance, the company says.

Designed by Landini Associates and Progressive AE, this new McDonald’s flagship adopts a more composed and at the same time bold approach to restaurant design, creating a calm environment. The three-story glass curtain wall provides customers with spectacular dining room views out into the heart of Times Square. Customers will notice hints of gold and red to celebrate our brand with a modern twist.

Digital technology is reshaping customer interactions through models like table service, mobile order and pay, self-order kiosks, and delivery.

Here are a few specs:

  • The 11,199-square-foot building will be one of the busiest McDonald’s in the United States.
  • Three levels of floor-to-ceiling glass provides views into the heart of Times Square
  • The 9,280-square-foot billboard is the third-largest in Times Square
  • 18 digital kiosks, Guest Experience Leaders and table service await guests
  • 173 seats in a variety of arrangements adapt to customer preferences

U.S. president Christopher J. Kempczinski shared the following three points about the restaurant in a release:

This renovation is about making a brand statement on the biggest stage in the world.

We’re showing off what McDonald’s can do … in the center of New York City. While the flagship showcases the ultimate McDonald’s experience, we’ve been delivering new levels of convenience, personalization and service throughout the U.S. since 2016. So whether you’re in Louisiana, California or Chicago, you can feel this same brand experience. Odds are, you’re going to be able to have this experience again in the future, wherever else you may be.

It’s another step in changing customer perception … which puts us on the path to retain, regain, and convert.

EOTF and the modernization of our restaurants is all a part of our plan to change customer perceptions. We’re making this change on a scale that only we can … and it’s going to inform the way customers feel when they see a McDonald’s. This is important because it gives us the power to regain and convert customers – our ultimate goal.

It elevates our food in a priceless way.

Our Hot-Off-the-Grill Fresh Beef Burgers are world-class. Our commitment to cage-free, fresh-cracked eggs is changing the future of [quick service] for the better. Our fries are World Famous. In other words, McDonald’s food is world-class. With this restaurant renovation, our food is positioned in the center of the cultural hotbed that is New York City—in a beautifully designed space that can be replicated across the US. It’s the ultimate product placement and the effect is sure to be felt across the country.”

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