Syrus Restaurant Information Services launched the next-generation version of its back-office and above-store reporting solution geared specifically for the restaurant industry. Syrus Next Generation provides tools to reduce food cost and target waste with Food Management 3.0, and advanced report writing tools for custom reporting capabilities with Analytics 2.0.

Ray Minton, an 8-year Syrus customer and Wendy’s franchise owner, uses Syrus Analytics 2.0 to get a real-time pulse on what is selling, what is popular, and where he needs to focus his marketing efforts. He created customized product mix reporting to focus only on boneless chicken wings and sauces, while comparing sales to other key performance metrics such as its impact on theoretical food cost. When the product hit, he immediately knew the current and projected impact it would have on his profitability.

Minton also uses Analytics 2.0 to track breakfast sales. “I see a special report each day, tracking my percentage of breakfast sales against my total sales,” he says. “I’m able to monitor each day and plan my marketing efforts accordingly, to increase coupons or special promotions, if needed.”

The Syrus Food Management 3.0 application provides an interface that allows managers to record inventory, track usage and waste daily, place orders based on projected needs, and research food cost and opportunity areas all in one application. As a web-based application, district managers, owners, and other multi-unit associates can monitor usage and review, coach, and counsel managers from their home or office.

Syrus provides customers with technology and service to oversee data flow, cleanse information, and ensure that customers have quick, convenient, and real-time access to quality information.