Boston Market is rolling out changes to its Los Angeles-area restaurants designed to significantly enhance the guest experience.

Following successful launches of upgrades in locations around the country as part of the 25-year-old company’s America’s Kitchen Table program, Boston Market restaurants in Los Angeles now feature a warmer, more inviting atmosphere with updates like real plates and stainlessware.

A fresh menu features the addition of new entrées and side dishes as well. Guests will also notice an exceptional level of hospitality from a larger, more attentive staff wearing new uniforms and cooks outfitted in chef whites.

Since the very first re-vamped market was unveiled last spring in West Palm Beach, Florida, Boston Market has seen a double-digit increase in guest counts and sales at most locations that have undergone similar changes.

To date, more than 440 updated restaurants have been rolled out and the remainder will be completed by the end of September 2011.

“For a quarter of a century Boston Market has enjoyed its place at kitchen tables in homes around the country,” says Tony Buford, senior vice president of operations, Boston Market.

“When guests aren’t dining with us at home, we now invite them to join us at our table – America’s Kitchen Table.” He added, “Today’s families lead busy lives, but we should never be too busy to share a good meal together.”

Specific restaurant enhancements include:

  • Guest Experience
    • Improved Employee Training Programs – Hospitality and food preparation.
    • Addition of Dining Room Ambassadors – Guests will notice a higher level of service designed to make the dining experience more pleasurable in this fast-casual concept.
    • New Uniforms – Amplifying the message of quality, the new Boston Market culinarians will wear chef whites. Other staff will wear new uniform shirts and bib aprons for a crisp, clean look.
  • Food Presentation
    • Plateware – For guests dining in, Boston Market will serve the food on real plates and stainless steel knives, forks and spoons.
    • Hand-Carved-to-Order – Rotisserie Chicken and Oven Roasted Turkey, which have always been carved-to-order, are now carved in stations that are visible to guests.
    • Hand-Tossed-to-Order – Fresh entrée salads are no longer grab-and-go, but tossed fresh to order throughout the day.
  • New Menu Items
    • Gourmet Sides – Loaded Mashed Potatoes, Garlicky Lemon Savoy Spinach, Squash Casserole, Mediterranean Green Beans.
    • Hand-Carved Sandwiches – Pulled BBQ Chicken, Oven Roasted Turkey BLT and All-White Rotisserie Chicken Salad.
    • Hand-Tossed Entrée Salads – Mediterranean and Southwest Santa Fe, both made with Rotisserie Chicken.
    • Sauces  Zesty Barbecue, Sweet Thai Chili Garlic, and Honey Habanero were created to complement the signature Rotisserie Chicken.
    • More Healthy Options – Garlicky Lemon Savoy Spinach and Mediterranean Green Beans and have been added to the menu. In addition, Boston Market’s home style Rotisserie Chicken now has 20% less sodium and its poultry gravy has 50% less sodium and is Gluten Free.

“We’re making an investment in Boston Market’s people and service,” Buford says. “We are proud of our new offerings, but it’s about more than just paint and poultry – it’s about our people. People are the heart and soul of our company.”





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