With food costs accounting for 28 to 35 percent of gross sales, tightly managing back-of-house management can make or break restaurant profitability. But unlike some restaurateurs who consider this to be the cost of doing business, Upserve sees it as an area ripe for innovation.

Upserve has acquired inventory management solution SimpleOrder to become Upserve Inventory, a game-changing solution to help restaurateurs streamline back-of-house processes and control food costs so they can boost profits.

By welcoming the SimpleOrder team into the Upserve family, the platform one step closer to providing one end-to-end management solution that connects the whole house and enables restaurateurs to run, manage, and grow restaurant profitably.

Today, the most common practice for tracking inventory is pen, paper, and spreadsheets. With hundreds of items to track, managing an accurate inventory is an unnecessarily manual and time-consuming process that’s prone to human error.

Brian Reeder, cofounder of Vessel Kitchen in Park City, Utah, has experienced this first-hand, but as Upserve Inventory (previously SimpleOrder) customer, he has solved for this. “We know our costs of sales in real-time for each recipe. The data and insights, combined with easy access to our suppliers, allow us to make smarter decisions for our business. I also love that I can see if a supplier has changed prices and that is essential to our success,” Reeder says.

With Upserve Inventory as part of the Upserve Platform, restaurateurs can spend less time crunching numbers and also:

  • Streamline the back-of-house: Automate the worst parts of inventory management in a single system—inventory tracking, restocking, purchasing, recipe costing, and accounting—across the entire restaurant group.
  • Control food costs: Know your food costs in real time and be able to track price fluctuations, even across multiple locations. By maintaining optimal inventory levels, customers avoid excess ordering and report a 5 to 8 percent improvement in their margins.
  • Increase bottom-line profits: Understand which menu items are most profitable and track your servers’ performance selling them to ensure they’re recommending the items most effective in growing the bottom line.
  • Get time back in your day: With automated inventory management and one-click purchasing, save 50-plus hours per month by eliminating time-consuming tasks like reconciling inventory and ordering from suppliers.
  • Reduce waste: Easily track inventory variances and food waste causes, so you can keep your inventory levels in check and avoid over-ordering or unnoticed theft.
  • Manage multiple restaurants via one central online kitchen: For those with a central kitchen, Upserve Inventory creates a fluent operation that ensures branches get the supplies they need, when they need them.
  • Buy local: Upserve Inventory makes it easier for restaurants to source from local, independent food and beverage distributors, letting you go farm-to-table with the click of a button.
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