Industry News | August 19, 2013

U.S. Adds 12,300 Franchise Jobs in July

U.S. private-sector franchise jobs increased by 12,300 during the month of July 2013, according to the ADP National Franchise Report. Broadly distributed to the public each month free of charge, the ADP National Franchise Report measures monthly changes in franchise employment derived from ADP’s actual transactional payroll data. The report is produced by ADP, a leading provider of global human capital management solutions, in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics Inc. and is published by the ADP Research Institute.


During the month of July, the pace of U.S. franchise job growth slowed from the previous month, as 12,300 franchise jobs were added, driven by gains among restaurants, business services, auto parts and dealers, and food retailers,” says Ahu Yildirmaz, senior director of the ADP Research Institute. “While restaurants have added the most jobs among franchises this year, July’s gain is well below the average over the past six months.”


July 2013 ADP National Franchise Report Highlights


Changes in Franchise Employment by Industry:


·         Accommodations                                                  960

·         Auto Parts and Dealers                                        1,680

·         Building Material and Garden Equipment               170

·         Business Services                                             2,010

·         Education                                                            440

·         Food Retailers                                                  1,620

·         Gasoline Stations and Auto Repair                        710

·         Leisure                                                                  330

·         Manufacturing                                                       - 20

·         Personal Care Retailers                                          390

·         Personal Services                                                590

·         Professional Services                                        - 1,620

·         Real Estate                                                           250

·         Rental                                                                     80

·         Restaurants                                                         2,980

·         Other                                                                1,740


Total U.S. Franchise Employment:                   12,300


* Sum of components may not equal total, due to rounding.


The August 2013 ADP National Franchise Report will be released at 9:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

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