Summer is here, and US Foods is unveiling a Scoop product line-up to incorporate in seasonal menus across the country. From Chef’s Line All Natural Mediterranean Style Mini Beef and Lamb Patties to Cross Valley Farms Superfood Salad and Roseli Kale Pesto, the Summer Scoop features strong flavors and better-for-you options.

“Creating fresh and original products is a point of pride at US Foods, and we’re kicking it up a notch this summer,” says Pietro Satriano, chief merchandising officer, US Foods. “Our latest edition of Scoop showcases more than 20 new items that represent bold flavors, healthy options, and versatile food that will excite operators and diners alike.”

This Summer Scoop features 11 new items that have US Foods’ Nourish designation. The Nourish line includes items like Cross Valley Farms Superfood Salad, made with a colorful blend of rainbow kale, shaved Brussels sprouts, Napa and red cabbage, and radicchio; the Hilltop Hearth Ancient Grainwich that offers four grams of fiber; and the Glenview Farms Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese that contains double the protein and half the fat of regular cream cheese. Quinoa consumption grew 50 percent in 2014, and with the Chef’s Line Precooked Brown Rice and Quinoa Blend, operators have an easy way to add this gluten-free, high in protein, low in sodium dish to menus.

“The Nourish line proves that healthy doesn’t have to compromise on taste,” Satriano says. “US Foods specifically developed these Nourish products to solve the daily challenge so many restaurateurs and foodservice operators face in offering delicious, affordable, healthy food that is more than just low-sodium or gluten-free.”

One of the top five seafood menu growth items in 2014 was sole, and it’s proving to be a good fit for summer menus. Harbor Banks Flour Dusted Alaskan Sole is hand-cut and goes well with a side of spuds, such as US Foods’ Cross Valley Farms’ Rooster Potatoes or Monarch’s salty Smashed Potato Skin.

Shrimp is yet another seafood favorite joining the seasonal lineup. Harbor Banks Spicy Toss N’ Serve Shrimp is an easy-to-prep dish that wraps the crustacean in crunchy, sweet heat. It can be paired with Rykoff Sexton White Stone Ground Grits to give it a Southern flare.

Chef’s Line All Natural Mediterranean Style Mini Beef and Lamb Patties deliver savory spice in just two-ounce bites, and US Foods is first to offer operators the Patuxent Farms Premium Hardwood Smoked Chicken Wings. These fully cooked wings feature a subtle, smoked flavor. For diners looking to turn up the heat, toss these crispy wings in Monarch Carolina Reaper Wing Sauce, made with the hottest chili on record in the Guinness Book. US Foods is the first and only foodservice company to feature this fiery flavor.

Diners who want to indulge in something sweet can choose the Hilltop Hearth Premium Pull-Apart Cinnamon Roll with five centers. This treat contains real cream cheese and spicy Korintje cinnamon. Devonshire Premium Croissant Donut is another summer indulgence that can be served sweet or savory. With plenty of options to spark creativity, US Foods developed the Croissant Donut Book to accompany the Summer Scoop. This book features quirky creations and even suggested names so operators can easily add these dishes to menus.

To celebrate these new products, US Foods is inviting its customers to share their Scoop-based concepts and successes by posting pictures to social media using the #ScoopTalk hashtag.

“There are so many ways to use this season’s Scoop products to freshen up menus and I can’t wait to see what #ScoopTalk reveals,” says Satriano. “We might even find the inspiration for our next Scoop item.”

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