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    US Foods Seeks Fan Input for New Beverage Labels

  • Industry News March 1, 2013

    US Foods will be launching a new line of artisan sodas in the coming months. Before they debut, the company is giving its customers the opportunity to choose the unique design for the product labels from four options.

    Through Friday, March 8, customers can vote for their favorite label on the US Foods Facebook page.

    Developed by the US Foods product innovation team, the new sodas will come in three flavors: ginger ale, root beer, and a Mexican cola. Each one is microbrewed and made with natural ingredients.

    All of the artisan sodas will be served in dark brown glass bottles that have a distinct retro feel. 

    “We are always looking for innovative ways to involve our customers and get them excited about our new products,” says Pietro Satriano, chief merchandising officer, US Foods. “This contest presents a great opportunity for our customers to have a hand in the creation and enjoyment of these delicious drinks.”

    The contest will be held on the US Foods Facebook page and will display the four label options for each of the three sodas:

    • The Hello Good Buys: The label design plays on the “Hello” introduction stickers. People can write personal inscriptions on the bottles, staking their claim on them.
    • Entourage: Three everyday characters lead secret lives representative of the bold flavors of the Artisan Sodas.
    • Just Sayin’: The design features a bit of history and a fun play on words, adding to the mystique of these Artisan Sodas. 
    • Craft: Slice-of-life photos capture images of very unique people with very flavorful personalities.

    All of the new artisan sodas are carbonated and created with distinct flavors that reflect today’s beverage trends. 

    The Mexican cola features cinnamon and spice notes, with a subtle citrus background note. The root beer has anise notes, a cream finish, and a subtle wintergreen background note. The ginger beer is made with real ginger and delivers a spicy heat typical of raw ginger.

    “Not only do these sodas taste great, but any of the creative designs selected will ensure they also look good,” Satriano says. “We are eager to have our customers choose designs they love that will complement the beverages and complete the product.”

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