U.S. Foodservice launched two new Web sites to help restaurant operators improve sales and efficiency by leveraging industry best practices. “Foodsight” and “Beyond the Plate” offer articles, tools, testimonials, product solutions, and interactive features created to assist foodservice professionals in building their business. The digital resources inform, educate, inspire, train, and connect restaurant operators with peers and consumers.

“Foodsight is based on our 150 years of experience in the industry and offers insightful, incisive, and inciting information for the foodservice professional,” says Mark Eggerding, senior vice president of Street Sales for U.S. Foodservice. “The Web site includes the most insightful research in the industry and incisive recommendations that will incite restaurant owners to pursue a higher level of success.”

The site has six main sections: Featured Category, with in-depth articles on a different product category each quarter; Market Insights, including all the latest industry trends and research; Business Solutions, a wealth of management tools; Operator News, featuring operator profiles and success stories; Additional Products, with information on other U.S. Foodservice exclusive brands, products, and supplies; and Resources, including valuable partner links and program information.

Beyond the Plate is an online, interactive resource center where foodies and professionals can learn about and discuss new products, marketplace trends, and the art and enjoyment of good food. Visitors can access a wide range of food information, including recipes, training videos, and interesting articles about food, dining, and the culinary lifestyle. There is also a special “Ask the Chef” feature where visitors can get answers to their questions from U.S. Foodservice expert chefs.

“Whether you are a home cook, food enthusiast, or own a restaurant or catering company, you will find tips that will help you become the most knowledgeable person out there when it comes to food,” Eggerding says.

This quarter, both Foodsight and Beyond the Plate are focusing on disposables and environmental sustainability. Restaurant operators learn how to increase sales from their takeout menu, how to profit from their catering business in the new economy, and the benefits of going green. Plus, visitors have access to the latest in sustainable packaging, and sell sheets as well as rebates for U.S. Foodservice disposable products. Visitors can take a survey on their use of and feeling toward disposables, and get recipes and other information on food and related products that are environmentally sustainable and perfect for entertaining. Content is updated regularly to keep both sites fresh and relevant.

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