Order Mapper Inc. announced the launch of Order Pizza, a free iPhone app that lets users order from several nearby pizzerias—even a favorite neighborhood joint—in seconds without making a single phone call.

After downloading the free app, Pizza fans can choose from a selection of nearby pizza places or plug in the info for their favorite neighborhood joint. The delivery or pickup order is completed with only a few taps and doesn’t require creating an account. Pie enthusiasts simply pick a size, crust type, and any combination of ten toppings including half-and-half options, and then Order Mapper’s automated service dials the pizzeria and places the order, eliminating the hassle of waiting on hold during the dinner rush. The hungry iPhone or iPod Touch user simply receives a confirmation message when the process is complete and waits for the pizza to be delivered.

“The Order Pizza app means faster, more convenient ordering for pizza lovers everywhere—from college kids who just need some sustenance fast, to busy parents juggling a hectic schedule,” says Jim Bricker, founder and CEO of Order Mapper Inc. “And it means pizza restaurants and franchises of all sizes can get in on the mobile ordering action. The big pizza chains have the resources to develop their own mobile ordering solutions, but we’ve figured out a secure solution that’s universally compatible.”

The Order Pizza iPhone app is available in the App Store now.

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