Yogurtland unveiled its Ultimate Summer lineup featuring vacation-inspired summer flavors.

“Yogurtland’s Ultimate Summer promotion offers an oasis of flavors inspired by our fans’ favorite vacations including big city getaways, tropical escapes, outdoor adventures, and spa retreats. Using the highest quality real ingredients, these flavors taste like the best vacation you’ve ever had, right in your cup,” says Charlotte Lucich, director of marketing at Yogurtland.

Yogurtland’s Ultimate Summer promotion features a mix of dairy-free sorbets and frozen yogurt flavors that are inspired by popular cocktails and vacation treats. These mocktails do not contain alcohol. For every vacation theme, there will be a new collectible spoon.

Every two weeks, beginning July 7 through September 14, Yogurtland will introduce two flavors, spoons, and their vacation inspirations.

City Lights’ flavors are full of energy and sophistication, complete with a glittery silver spoon. Cosmo Sorbet is mocktail that blends cranberries with lime for a tart taste with big-city style. Caramel Macchiato frozen yogurt is made with espresso beans and caramel.

Tropical Getaway flavors taste like a beach day, complete with a deep ocean blue spoon. Mojito Sorbet combines lime with a hint of mint for a refreshing take on this tropical classic. Lava Flow Frozen Yogurt blends pineapple, coconut water, and strawberries for a summer treat.

Spa Retreat–inspired flavors will be served with by a purple spoon. Mudslide frozen yogurt blends cocoa, coffee beans, and chocolate cookies. Mango Peach Tea sorbet blends mango, peach, and white tea.

Outdoor Adventure–inspired flavors are accompanied by a hunter green spoon. S’mores combines toasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Wild Berry Tart blends raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

Vegas Weekend–inspired flavors are sassy and decadent, and the glittery pink spoon doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. Strawberry Margarita Sorbet is made with strawberries and limes. Dark Chocolate Sorbet blends cocoa for a silky treat.

Yogurtland’s Real Rewards members can use the mobile app to collect Hot Spot icons for every flavor they try, and earn progressively larger rewards for more visits. After collecting three icons, members will earn a 2-ounce free reward; after six visits, members earn 3-ounces free; and 4-ounces free after nine visits. After 15 visits, members earn 6-ounces free.


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