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    Veggies Aren't Just a Side Dish, They're a Drink

  • Industry News April 14, 2010
    Ocean Spray introduced a new member to its juice family, it's first-ever Fruit & Veggie Juice available in 100% Juice and Light: Fruit & Veggie Tropical Citrus and Fruit & Veggie Cranberry Strawberry Banana.

    The 100% juice line contains two full-servings of fruits and vegetables in every eight ounce glass, a perfect combination for anyone looking for refreshing fruit taste with veggie benefits.

    "Getting enough fruit and vegetables in our diets is important for everyone," says Larry Martin, vice president of marketing at Ocean Spray.

    "Consumers trust us to help nourish their families with a variety of good-for-you products that deliver unmatched flavor. Our new Fruit & Veggie juice line does just that."

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