Cousins Subs announced that TMart Operations I, LLC, represented by company president Jeremy Alsaker, is the proud new owner of the Cousins Subs location in Lodi, Wisconsin. Jeremy and his wife Sarah each bring over 20 years of franchising experience, with national brands like Dunkin’ and Pizza Hut, to the Cousins Subs brand.

“My family and our company are equally excited and proud to be the newest members of the Cousins Subs family,” says Jeremy Alsaker, co-owner of Cousins Subs in Lodi, Wisconsin. “We look forward to extending the passion for Cousins Subs that we’ve seen from our predecessors in Lodi and the Cousins Subs Leadership Team.”

“Jeremy and Sarah of TMart Operations I, LLC will be extraordinary Cousins Subs franchise owners and operators,” adds Joe Ferguson, Vice President of Development at Cousins Subs. “They share our long-standing commitment to exceeding guests’ expectations and we know they will work to consistently improve and offer more to their patrons and communities.”

TMart Operations I, LLC purchased the Cousins Subs location in Lodi, Wisconsin from Kim and Cindy Reeve and Roland and Cristi Maier after nearly 20 years in business.

The Cousins Subs restaurant is located at N. 1551 Sunset Drive.

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