Virtual Dining Concepts, LLC (VDC), the industry leader in the virtual dining space, announces the expansion of its CREATORS’ KITCHEN AS SEEN ON TIKTOK brand in hundreds of new markets.  

VDC has partnered with top food content creators on TikTok for Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok. The menu is inspired by the hottest viral food trends on TikTok, an extremely popular category on the short form video platform. TikTok, with over 1 billion subscribers, provides a dynamic space for creators to post their original video content including recipes and food hacks. These culinary trend videos have exploded on TikTok generating hundreds-of-millions of views. 

Along with all the views, followers naturally want to try the recipes themselves. Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok answers that call with a menu featuring the most popular dishes of the moment, delivered directly to the consumers’ door. The menu celebrates top creators and offers restaurants across the country the opportunity to opt-in, become a market partner, and participate in the hottest food trends.

“Working with TikTok creators to develop and market the menu of this brand has been an exciting endeavor. Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok will be our first virtual brand with an ever-changing menu,” says VDC co-founder Robbie Earl. “We believe Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok has set a new standard. With creators steadily producing new recipes and content, Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok will always be relevant and inspiring.”

The menu draws upon the most popular viral food posts on TikTok and is designed to update according to the hottest current trends, therefore it will change frequently, ensuring that the brand remains fresh and relevant. The current menu items include viral hits such as:

           Pasta Chips & Dips inspired by @bostonfoodgram

           Baked Feta Pasta inspired by @feelgoodfoodie

           Chopped Italian Sandwich inspired by @ninjacue

           Crispy Lemon Chicken with Arugula inspired by @chefdonny

           Creamy Shrimp Scampi Linguini inspired by @_jennadenise

           Cajun Chicken Pasta inspired by @thewotondon

           Italian Stuffed Bread Sandwich inspired by @justinpausutto

Fried Lasagna inspired by @rappingchef

Best Pasta Ever inspired by @everything_delish

And more….

To see if Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok is available in your area and to check out the current menu, simply log onto your favorite food delivery app or visit to order directly from the website.

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