Virtual Restaurant Consulting (VRC) announced the Virtual Restaurant Accelerator, which offers a license for a TWO HENS delivery-only location. TWO HENS is a specialty delivery-only brand offering all-day breakfast prepared in scratch kitchens serving farm-fresh eggs, fresh produce, breads, meats, and sustainable fair-trade coffee. 

The TWO HENS license includes a complete package of ‘done-for-you’ services:

  • Creation of a custom website and social media pages
  • Set up and launch of each TWO HENS on third-party delivery platforms
  • Six months of professional social media marketing and promotions management
  • A comprehensive training program

Alan Moore, senior partner at VRC, explained the momentum and necessity behind the Virtual Restaurant Accelerator and the delivery-only TWO HENS concept.

“On top of rising costs, labor shortages, stifling regulations, and brutal competition, independent restaurants are facing a growing shift towards off-premises dining,” said Moore. “By offering a traditional restaurant license for one of our successful delivery-only brands combined with the added support of a package of professional consulting services, we allow restaurateurs to focus on cooking during the critical launch period of their new business, while we manage everything else.”

Currently, 40 TWO HENS locations are under development on the West Coast with plans to open another 500 locations across the US over the next 18 months.

Moore explained the cost of a TWO HENS license: “Understanding that cash flow is a major issue for most independent restaurateurs we removed that obstacle by allowing our customers to get started from just $249 rather than the tens or hundreds of thousands it costs to launch most restaurants or buy a franchise.”

The TWO HENS monthly license fee is $249. Each licensee makes a one-time marketing contribution of $199 towards the restaurant launch and gives VRC a temporary 18 percent split of sales during the six months of professional services. The Accelerator™ has no minimum capital requirements, upfront investments, monthly marketing fees, or other charges. 

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