Visstun has added two incredible new products to their inventory. Introducing the heavily anticipated 500ml/17.5oz – R7 cup and the easy to use Spoon-In P2 Paper lid.

Using the industry standard 3.839” rim OD, the new 500ml/17.5oz – R7 cup is easy to fill on pint equipment and uses the same lids as the industry standard Pint-R6.  In addition to the double poly Cold Cup material, the new R7 is available in Paper Hot and Microwavable Paper. For added flexibility R7 is also available in an insulated Double Wall configuration. “Whether the product is an Ice Cream package that requires a metric size or Ramen Noodle Soup that needs extra insulation, Visstun built the R7 just for you,” says Paula Thompson, Director of Sales.

Visstun is also announcing the Spoon-In P2 Paper lid.  It is available in the popular grab-and-go 5oz-T5 and 8oz-T8 sizes and features a wooden spoon and is held in place by a paper locking insert. With this added convenience customers will no longer need to inventory separate parts and put the pieces together. This lid ships in one assembled piece so the Spoon-In P2 Paper lid is snapped on and ready to go.